Sunday, August 26, 2012

Anything to not be reading...

Right now I'm doing everything in my power to avoid studying. I have been reading, studying, watching instructional videos ALL DAY and I don't think my brain can hold anymore here I am, blogging :) A lot has happened since my last post, but I will try to just hit the interesting parts. As a follow up to the body transformation post, we did not win our competition. As disappointing as it is, I am really not surprised since there were THOUSANDS of applicants. And the woman that won was totally ripped!! Definitely put me to shame haha but hey, there's always next year! We took a few fun little trips this summer so I'll post some of the pictures, but hands down the best thing that happened this summer was I got accepting into nursing school. FINALLY! Tomorrow starts the beginning of week 3 and lets just say I am LOVING it! After my first day of class I walked to my car, grinning ear to ear. There is nothing like knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I have already made friends, formed a study group, and got a car pool buddy, all in the first day or two.(that was honestly the part I was most afraid of!) Although I love every minute of school, I pretty much hate every minute of reading!! And let me just tell you, there is a TON of it! Anyways, things will be crazy until December 12(my last final), but I am one happy girl! Oh and one more thing... Jason and I have been married for 7 months!! And it has been, hands down, the greatest 7 months of my life. I know people say the first year is the hardest, but I keep waiting for that "hard" part to happen... and it doesn't. We genuinely have an incredible relationship. One of my favorite things about being married to him is the morning. Our alarms go off at 5am(to go to the gym) and we hit the snooze button and snuggle up together for the next 9 minutes until the alarm goes off again, and then finally get up. Those 9 minutes of "snooze" are THE BEST!
Jason's best friend, Ryker, got married!

 Us at Ryker's wedding. Quick little story... Notice that Jason doesn't have a goatee. This is only the 2nd time in 4 years that I have seen him without one. 10 minutes before we leave to go to the temple for the sealing, Jason decides to shave. As he is trimming his goatee he looked down and took a huge chunk out of it. Needless to say, it was not salvageable. I told him to go for the "soul patch" and he did, but then said he's "not tough enough to pull it off" so he shaved everything. haha

My mom and grandma on Mother's day(I come from some GOOD genes)

My mama and me on Mother's day.

Jason and I went to Huntington Beach in May

Jason got picked for some street performer thing... They always comment on how large he is :)

He never cooperates in pictures

Huntington Beach

Our 2nd Huntington trip in August before nursing school consumed our lives

Our FAVORITE couple to vacay with, the Carity's!

Adam was paparazzi

my oh so sexy husband

Just one of our MANY trips together, can't wait for our family vacations to come

We love lazy vacations

I went to Idaho in June to see these loves! They are SOO big now!

Chase(age 11), Blake(age 9), Alivia(age 6)

Even Winston is half the dog he used to be :)

Upton turned 1 on August 14!! Love this little man!

Now all I do is study... Winston's a big help :)