Wednesday, April 25, 2012

12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

     My sweet husband posted some pictures on facebook about our most recent adventure and since we have gotten SO many inquires about how we got the results we did, I figured the best thing to do would be to blog about it! So here we go...
     About 12 weeks ago, Jason came home from work and told me he had found a body transformation 12 weeks challenge on and that the grand prize was $100,000. The top 10 runner ups get $25,000 and they choose a male and female winner. He said he wanted to do it and I agreed to join in on the fun. I figured it would be something great to do together and I knew I could use the motivation. The male and female winners last year happened to be a married couple so that's kind of cool! Jason has always been super fit and fitness/nutrition is his hobby. He was a personal trainer a few years back and since I have known him(4 years) he has always been on meal plan and worked out. He has bulked way up and trimmed way down. I have always worked out on and off, but nothing like what we were about to experience.
For me, I ate 1200 calories a day. This is 4 meals that each add up to roughly 300 calories. I was on a schedule and ate pretty much at the same time everyday. For Jason he ate around 2200 calories, divided up over 5 meals a day. We both worked out 6 days a week. My workout is 3 days a week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) weights and the other 3 days(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) cardio and abs. Jason did weights all 6 days, but different muscle groups and occasional cardio. We only worked out an hour everyday so it wasn't anything too crazy. He changed our work outs every 3 weeks as well.
     We had a lot of fun coming up with meals that we loved and experimenting with different things. It was such an awesome thing for us to do as a couple and to completely transform our lives. I love eating out and food so that was the hardest part for me. Luckily, living with your very own sexy, personal trainer keeps you motivated. It sounds pretty simple and when it comes down to it, it is. But it took a TON of discipline. We definitely had our weak moments though and would go out for a "cheat meal" every couple of weeks. This was usually Texas Roadhouse and then Dairy Queen.... followed with being completely uncomfortable from over eating. haha
     Our results are awesome though! Overall I lost 20lbs and dropped my body fat percentage to 18.4%. I went down 3 sizes in jeans and am going to need to go shopping ASAP! Jason ended up losing 25lbs and finished at 4.8% body fat. He is such an inspiration to me! Hopefully this answers most questions. We didn't do anything extreme or crazy to get results. We didn't cut out any major food groups or deprive ourselves(other than deprivation from treats). We just watched calories and worked out and our bodies took care of the rest! Its a great feeling to look in the mirror and like what you see. Its an even better feeling to look at the man I married and know he likes what he see's when he looks at me :) Here our some of our result pictures.


  1. Such inspiration!! What ideas would he have for an at home work out? I have some dumbells and well that's pretty much it haha! I don't care about losing weight but mostly about getting toned and having a nice tight belly after three kids

  2. oh my gosh mel! you look smokin!! you are my inspiration! what were some examples of the meals you had?

  3. Melynda! You seriously look amazing! I'm kind of in the same boat as your friend Jessica...I don't really want to lose weight, but I do want to become more toned. Did you guys use meal plans on the bodybuilder website or did you come up with you own? Did you stick to a set ratio of carbs, protein and fats or just eat 1200 kcals of whatever? Whatever you did - it worked. I'm totally inspired!

    1. See my comment below. Thanks so much Jenn!!

  4. Thanks girl!! Its so amazing how much positive feedback we've been getting. It means a lot!!
    Jessica- Its kind of hard to explain exercises over text, but there's a lot you can do at home with dumbbells. Just make sure you are hitting the upper abs(which is most common), lower abs(like leg lifts), and your lower back. Most people don't know that to tone your abs you have to work your lower back too. :)
    Leilani- I ate a lot of yogurt and granola(but it was usually a very small amount of granola because its high in calories), egg whites(like egg sandwhiches and omlettes), chicken and shrimp and LOTS of veggies. But honestly its all about portion size and counting calories. I always knew exactly how many calories i was eating because everything was measured out to a T! We have a food scale so measured down to the oz :)
    Jennifer- Nope we didn't use anything from the body builder website. My husband put together all of our meal plans and work outs. We would come up with different meals as we went a long though. For him he focused on calories and grams of protein, but for me it was strictly 1200 calories of whatever. I was all about quantity haha so whatever I could eat and have a lot of or whatever was super filling is what I ate. Lots of egg sandwiches(sandwich thin, 3oz egg whites, 1 piece of turkey bacon, slice of fat free cheese)and I could have a 90 calorie bag of apples with that and it was right at 300 calories. Just to give an example. :)